The last – and the not last!

It should have been over, shouldn’t it?! Today is June 21 and if all things had gone according to the roadmap it would have been. Everyone is disappointed, but we have no option to continue to life our lives according to the very strange rules that have evolved. You may remember that I HAD ANContinue reading “The last – and the not last!”

Cake anyone?

It’s still warm – and waiting to be tasted. I hope it’s a success. It’s a yogurt cake. I used to make it many years ago – but lost the recipe 🤔 Guess where I found it? Safely folded up and hidden in my favourite cookery book! 🤪 The funny looking brown bits are actuallyContinue reading “Cake anyone?”

It’s meant to be …

A long time ago I went to an art exbibition. It was amateur art, but the group apparently had a good reputation. I accompanied my mother because her friend was exhibiting. There were a number of different pictures – no set theme, and it wasn’t particularly well hung, so landscape and shells were next toContinue reading “It’s meant to be …”