Cake anyone?

It’s still warm – and waiting to be tasted. I hope it’s a success. It’s a yogurt cake. I used to make it many years ago – but lost the recipe 🤔

Guess where I found it?

Safely folded up and hidden in my favourite cookery book! 🤪

The funny looking brown bits are actually chocolate buttons. I had intended to pop a little Easter egg into the soft chocolate the moment it came out of the oven … but it didn’t melt, so no eggs!

Here are the first three months of 2021 in colour! The last two days introduced yellow!

April 1 was a little more seasonal.

April 2, today, is a little milder. We’ll all have to wait for what comes next.

Lastly – my current bit of ‘hookie ’. I can’t show you much more as it’s supposed to be a secret. It will take a while…

It’s lovely to have a break. Tomorrow we will actually entertain family in the garden!

Happy Easter everyone.

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