Red Medley Blanket

I loved every minute of this creation!

110 x 6 round squares in a mix of 27 colours with Tomato as the outer round of each.

All Stylecraft Special DK 

French Navy, Denim, Storm Blue, Empire, Petrol, Saffron, Gold, Mustard, Lime, Khaki, Green, Bottle, Blush, Spice, Sunshine, Pomegranate, Claret, Proper Purple, Fuchsia Purple, Plum, Boysenberry, Violet, Lipstick, Bright Pink, Tomato, Raspberry, Burgundy.

Tomato used for joining and border.

Before the border was added

A simple border is all they was needed.

I chose a round of Trebles followed by Crab Stitch.

5 balls of Tomato were needed to finish this blanket.