Week 8 #crochet6in366

It’s Wednesday, so that must mean another prompt in the mystery crochetalong! The first square was announced last week and shown in yesterday’s post. Here’s a reminder of the number sequence of each six round square. February 19: 2/2/2/6/6/6 February 20: 2/3/5/6/6/6 February 21: 3/5/4/6/6/6 February 22: 1/5/3/6/6/6 February 23: 5/2/1/6/6/6 February 24: 4/3/2/6/6/6 FebruaryContinue reading “Week 8 #crochet6in366”

January round up.

The end of the first month! It seems to have whizzed by! I wonder what February will bring? More granny squares, if nothing else, I’m sure. My two blankets are growing. Ignore the loose ends! They will go eventually. There an extra square for today and tomorrow there will be another. I’m enjoying keeping upContinue reading “January round up.”

Are you joining me?

Monday is almost here, and the first of 100 granny squares will be made. I’ve auditioned a few colours, and these are my first choice However, this isn’t a sample of the intended first square, rather an experiment to see how they look together.