I won’t ask for an accolade! However, it is finished and in time for Christmas. I have hated almost every moment of this throw –

I have hated almost every moment of this throw – even thought the colour is stunning and the finished object looks lovely. I gave you a hint that I wasn’t having fun a while ago. If you are thinking of buying the yarn….. DON”T! It’s the marled Stylecraft Special DK in Peony. Not only was it badly twisted but also irregular in thickness. Some lengths of the yarn were as thin as 4 ply and others almost as heavy as a chunky!

A very bad batch!!

Through gritted teeth 

I’ve been working on a little project in the background for a while now. I started it towards the end of October, and it should have been finished. However……


It’s another c2c blanket – this time in a single yarn. The yarn is Stylecraft Special DK and the colour is Peony. A few of  the colours in this range are made with two colours twisted loosely together rather than just a single colour. It has been really hard going. While it has been a pleasure to work with all the other colours, this yarn is not comfortable to work with. The yarn splits and it has been impossible to continue except in good daylight. It was meant to be made with 7 balls of the yarn, but I am so fed up with it that today I decided to make it just 5 balls. I want it finished by Christmas…… it’s SO tedious!!

But I will press on….

Have you had difficulty with any yarns – wished you hadn’t started something? I’d love to know


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The wrong hook!

I’ve been away since I posted the last entry here, not far, just about 100 miles away from home. I met with my stitching group, it’s only the second time I’ve managed to attend this year – next year will hopefully not be so catastrophic and I’ll be able to see them every couple of months or so. I decided that instead of stitching, as I had nothing really prepared, I would start another c2c blanket. Here’s the progress


This one is different in as much as it will all be in one colour. Once again I’ve chosen a Stylecraft Special DK – this time it’s Peony.  The yarn is actually a mix of two colours which gives a rich appearance – not dissimilar to chenille from a distance. However, it is very loosely twisted, and that gave me a problem.

I didn’t take my usual hook with me in case I lost it! I took a spare which I hadn’t used before. It was so tedious! The hook itself was bulky and not at all smooth to work with. I went out an bought another – but that too wasn’t as I had hoped. I did manage to progress a little though, towards my aim of one ball during my stay away. I managed it – just! As a point of reference I managed 36 rows of blocks with the first ball. As you can see I’ve marked the row – and I’lll start the next ball tonight. I think progress with this will be slow as I have other plans too ( you heard about those last time) but this is a Christmas present, so I should manage it in time!