Dragon Stitch Border.

I won’t ask for an accolade! However, it is finished and in time for Christmas. I have hated almost every moment of this throw – I have hated almost every moment of this throw – even thought the colour is stunning and the finished object looks lovely. I gave you a hint that I wasn’tContinue reading “Dragon Stitch Border.”

Through gritted teeth 

I’ve been working on a little project in the background for a while now. I started it towards the end of October, and it should have been finished. However…… It’s another c2c blanket – this time in a single yarn. The yarn is Stylecraft Special DK and the colour is Peony. A few of  theContinue reading “Through gritted teeth “

The wrong hook!

I’ve been away since I posted the last entry here, not far, just about 100 miles away from home. I met with my stitching group, it’s only the second time I’ve managed to attend this year – next year will hopefully not be so catastrophic and I’ll be able to see them every couple ofContinue reading “The wrong hook!”