Dragon Stitch Border.

I won’t ask for an accolade! However, it is finished and in time for Christmas. I have hated almost every moment of this throw –

I have hated almost every moment of this throw – even thought the colour is stunning and the finished object looks lovely. I gave you a hint that I wasn’t having fun a while ago. If you are thinking of buying the yarn….. DON”T! It’s the marled Stylecraft Special DK in Peony. Not only was it badly twisted but also irregular in thickness. Some lengths of the yarn were as thin as 4 ply and others almost as heavy as a chunky!

A very bad batch!!

So, I’ll quickly pass over that and show you the technique I used for the border. It works really well for a C2C or granny square type pattern with regular holes. I’ve chosen to demonstrate with a granny square.

The edging is worked in two rounds without turning. All stitches are in UK terms.

Start in a corner
Join the yarn and chain three
Double crochet into the next hole
Three chain, one double crochet into each hole

Double crochet, three chain, double crochet into the corner, then continue on the remaining sides.

Slip stitch to complete the round.

Chain three

The next round is worked OVER THE CHAIN of the previous round

Two TREBLES over the chain
Double crochet over next three chain

Continue to the corner, work the same sequence into the corner loop,

and continue around the edge until finished.

Join with a slip stitch and weave in all ends.

This is a very useful technique which can be adapted according to the yarn and finish required. This sample is worked in Deramores Studio DK with a size 5 hook. (Chosen to show the stitch definition) Some yarns will need 2 or 4 chain on the first round, and a more dense finish can be achieved with three trebles in the final round.

My grand-daughter calls it the Dragon stitch. I evolved it myself, but have no idea if it is elsewhere on the internet under another name.

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