Five Colour Friday

Another month gone! The last Friday of the month so here’s a continuation of the sometime series featuring five colours. Not all accidents are ‘happy’ but this combination certainly is! Sometimes the best combinations appear as if by magic whilst working on something else. I’ll definitely be using these again! Don’t forget to let meContinue reading “Five Colour Friday”

Nasturtiums and the blues!

The weeks seem to be flying by. We have completed 200 days of #crochet6in366 believe it or not! Below are the squares for the next sequence, but first a glimpse of a few more squares for Blues in Twos. I made a cursory layout of the centres before I began so, apart from making aContinue reading “Nasturtiums and the blues!”

Two down!

Yes! Another strip of the Nasturtium blanket completed! I’m still loving it. Someone commented that the colours remind her of a medieval tapestry, and I’m inclined to agree. These will be joined in no time – and tomorrow – STRIP THREE BEGINS! Remember I told you about my ‘mis- purchases’ the other day? Well IContinue reading “Two down!”