Apples and Pairs


Stylecraft Batik

6 balls Silver; 3 balls Cherry; 3 balls Pistachio.

Make 21 squares in the sequence : 2 rounds Cherry; 2 rounds Pistachio; 1 round Silver.

Make 21 squares in the reverse sequence : 2 rounds Pistachio; 2 rounds Cherry; 1 round Silver.

The layout of the squares can be seen in the photograph below.

All ends woven in as I went along. This shows the end of two rounds of Silver before starting the colour border.

As usual I used a simple join – followed by two rounds of Silver.

The border continued with a short colour sequence of Cherry; Pistachio; Cherry; Silver – and a final quick edging of 3 chain, 2 Trebles and a slip stitch into the next space.

Before blocking.

Incidentally – the name of this blanket is not misspelled! It’s a pun… Apples and PAIRS! 😉