December catch-up

Firstly a confession! I haven’t started the Temperatures for December! I’m not concerned though, they are all logged and it won’t take long to catch up even if it’s into January.

I’ve been concentrating on a very large blanket which is very close to being finished, and also making this pretty little thing.

It was quick and easy following the principles of #simplythirtysquares.

I used a new to me yarn which I really LOVE!

Funfair Swirl DK from EMU is well worth the investment. This is Helter Skelter

Emu yarns are available from THE KNITTING NETWORK Each Swirl is 150gms and 3 balls are plenty for a blankie of this size.

Once again I have finished it with a Dragon’s Teeth Border.

I’ve written a small tutorial for this border. Not much space here on this blog (I can’t afford any more …) so IT’S AVAILABLE HERE

Daily squares continue to be completed but more about those and the still secret blanket at the end of the month!

The garden has been covered in frost following a slight smattering of snow earlier this week – until lunchtime today. How obliging of the sun to melt enough to allow the outside blanket pictures! I hope it’s warming up where you are too.

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