Sunflower Throw


This blanket (shown above as work in progress) was designed for someone who loves Sunflowers. My inspiration was a collection of photographs of both individual flowers and a sunflower field. As the blanket progressed more and more comments were made about it also resembling the colours of autumn/fall.

The blanket took me six weeks to complete. I only crocheted for a short while most evenings and never for more than about an hour and a half. On some days I was too busy to even consider a few minutes. The overall size is approx 50 x 50 inches

Details of the quantities used are below and the sequence of colours can be downloaded, also below, as a PDF. The pattern is not mine but the colour combination is. It is the Corner  to Corner Blanket that is described in various places on the Web – and a very useful video can be found here.

You are welcome to use the colour combination and sequence, but credit would be appreciated greatly. You can either link back to this page or any other that has the mention of ‘Autumn’ or ‘Sunflower’ Blanket or leave me a note in the comments and I will come and look!
These are the final quantities. Only small amounts of Walnut and Mocha were used.

Stylecraft Special DK (purchased from Deramores)

1054 Walnut
1029 Copper
1114 Sunshine
1712 Lime
1064 Mocha
1027 Khaki
1081 Saffron x 2 balls
1263 Citron x 2 balls
1420 Camel
1709 Gold
1020 Lemon x 2 balls
1065 Meadow
1711 Spice

4mm crochet hook

Although not a pattern you can download the sequence of colours via a pdf file. Sunflower Throw PDF


I followed the instructions found in this video

The 4 round border which finished with a gentle shell pattern is shown below.