The last – and the not last!

It should have been over, shouldn’t it?! Today is June 21 and if all things had gone according to the roadmap it would have been.

First phase squares. No Denim border yet!

Everyone is disappointed, but we have no option to continue to life our lives according to the very strange rules that have evolved. You may remember that I HAD AN INKLING the roadmap was probably an out of date SatNav, but sadly we can’t ‘turn around at the first opportunity’.

Second phase squares

So yesterday should have been the last square in my End of Lockdown Blanket I’ve changed the ‘design’ at each new phase. They were originally intended to only be three rounds, but by the time the second phase was introduced, it was obvious that a further round would be required; so subsequent squares have their Denim border added.

Third phase squares. This is yesterday’s.

And so, in happy anticipation that Phase 3 would end according to the roadmap, a single round of colour excitedly proclaimed that the ‘End is Near’!

Phase …?

Well of course: it isn’t!

So now I’m not sure if we have entered Phase 4 or if it’s actually Phase 1a of something else, so with a little trepidation I’ve introduced colour to the third round today! I think that it will be possible to vary the square three more times, BUT I REALLY DON’T WANT WANT TO DO THAT!

Do you think that shout is loud enough? PLEASE LET THIS BE THE FINAL STAGE !!!

In the meantime I’ll just keep making squares!

2 thoughts on “The last – and the not last!

  1. Linda

    I hear you – we keep thinking things will get better and then more cases appear out of nowhere. I know that living on the arse end of the world we have been pretty lucky in terms of number of cases, plus our states pretty much shut down the minute there are any community transmission cases, but my heart is aching to see my child again – I truly wish it was all over.
    Take care, stay safe and keep crocheting !!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Linda it’s just so difficult to see an end isn’t it. There is so much uncertainty- and fear! That’s the worst. I hear fear in the voices of friends and in the eyes of passers by. How did we get like this as a nation? It’s on Instagram too isn’t it.

      I REFUSE to be bowed by fear!


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