End of Lockdown….?

We have a Road Map! It’s almost a week since it was published, and now there are glimpses that maybe the current lockdown WILL end! But when …..?

So.. I thought I’d mark the excitement by beginning a daily routine of a small square! There are two things that I really enjoy and one is a daily dip into crochet colour – the other is keeping a record in textiles.

If you follow my daily square blog you will have seen the start of the project.

Each of the squares will only have three rounds, will be whichever colour I fancy , and I may ask for help with choosing these at some point.

As for the final layout …?

Well, that isn’t yet decided. That Road Map may just turn out to be an out of date SatNav … and we all know how reliable they can be!

Did you catch Five Colour Friday? Link below as are the links to other recent posts.

2 thoughts on “End of Lockdown….?

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