Just one a day …

It’s surprising how much of my routine ‘a square a day’ has become. Doing one thing a day has been a rhythm since the late 1990s, whether it was writing, stitching, art, Embellisher or crochet. The importance isn’t so much WHAT you do but rather that SOMETHING is done.

First phase

One such ‘creation’ is the ‘End of Lockdown Blanket’. However, this one seems interminable! According to the ‘roadmap’ it should be nearing the end, but the date of normality from June 21 seems to slip further and further into fantasy!

Second phase

In truth, there was no great plan when I began the project! You can read A LITTLE ABOUT MY THOUGHTS HERE and you will see that there was more than a small amount of uncertainty in the results of the project. However, here we are in June and I, at least, am still on track.

Third (current) phase

The first squares are still awaiting a border. I made squares of three rounds, unsure of the colour to surround them. By the time phase two was announced,though, I had decided on Denim. So that has been added since. In theory Phase 3 ends on June 21 – so the last square should be made on June 20. Will that happen…. ?

Who knows? I have plenty of Denim, but now my thoughts are turning to how to mark a possible phase 4 in two colours? I may have made up my mind – but sorry, you’ll have to wait and see!

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