Scrap Salvo

June has been an interesting medical month at Casa Nuvofelt. So far we have had two unexpected visits to our local hospital – and another is due within days. I have need designated the emergency driver, so I’ve been negotiating the busy roads at various times of the day. Now, it’s not a life-threatening condition, and the hospital is only 15 minutes away, so the task is not arduous but it’s bringing back all sorts of memories.

Over the years I have driven many family members to and fro this venue. Cancer treatment, heart attacks, cataracts, the list is far more varied than this, but I must also mention the visits to loved ones who had been admitted as an emergency after a misdiagnosis, sadly there were two.

Anyway, this particular problem did begin with an unexpected emergency visit but the diagnosis was confirmed and dealt with immediately so no complaints.

Crochet is not really an option, but my current project, which is still very small, has a few ends that need attention, so it’s having those seen to while we wait between procedures.

It’s partly a scrap blanket and if you think you recognise the colours so far you are right. Take a look at Nasturtiums here we come! (and associated posts)

However, this scrap blanket will evolve into a not so scrap blanket and will become a A SALVO BLANKET!

More details soon when I move on to the next stage. In the meantime – maybe see you at the hospital!

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