Five Colour Friday

The last Friday of the month seems to almost catch me off guard. I’m happily playing around with this and that – and suddenly the dates are in their twenties and the time for narrowing down my considerations has arrived. It happened again this month! I have been trying to make up my mind whether to choose ‘clear’ or ‘sludge’! Well, I’ve decided…!

Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time I taught textiles of various sorts. I also dyed a range of threads which went around the world. This was when ‘artisan’ dyeing was well and truly in its infancy. It’s too long to recount how I first ‘got into it’, but I developed a number of secret techniques, some of which were passed on to a very loyal band of students. One in particular sprang to mind when I was making the squares for today. She would look at a colour and say ‘clear’ in a very dismissive way or practically drool and declare ‘ OOH S L U D G E !’

To explain in non- scientific terms – ‘clear’ colours were simple combinations of compatible colours that would produce a predictable result, whereas Sludge was a good mix of maybe many colours that had an unknown and exciting depth! These were not easy to produce! A little too much of something snd before you knew it all you had was Poo Brown!

That was unacceptable!!

So – today I give you Sludge for FIVE COLOUR FRIDAY

None of these are truly ‘ clear’ colours, although Blush tries to give that impression.

There was a time when I only chose ‘safe’ colours for joining. Now, however, the ranges available are vast by comparison and white or black are not the only obvious choices. I have to say that I do like a Plum edging. It’s a colour that goes with surprisingly many, and most people like it.

Don’t forget that five colours will give 120 different combinations and the CHART LINKED HERE will list them all for you.

All the yarns are Stylecraft Special DK

If you would like to support a friendly small business I can highly recommend LINCOLN WOOLPACK for Stylecraft yarns. Claire will give you all the help she can and will also shortly be stocking the new Stylecraft colours.

Of course, you aren’t limited to Granny Squares! You may prefer a corner to corner or a FIVE BALL BLANKET of which there are now several options

Lots going on at Casa Nuvofelt so expect another post soon. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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