Five more balls – and a review.

I have to say that these Five Ball Blankets are so quick and easy to make. This one, however, was the quickest – and by far the easiest because it’s fairly mindless! It took me just six days, and that was not intense crochet.

It began with a single square – and as usual I wove in as I went along. Not many ends on a single colour square.

One square became two … and

four more made it six!

And that was the basis of the centre! Once they were joined I just continued around the edge with Granny Stitch until I got to the end of the ball.

The next colour was chosen – and the sequence continued until that ball too was finished. No niceties here – I joined mid round so as to use up every scrap of yarn.

Another change of colour for its entirety and then a fourth

The colours are a bit ‘off’ as the light was abysmal.

The fifth ball was the only one not used to the last scrap.

I was careful to weigh this ball to ensure there was enough for a full final round.

So; the details.

The yarn was a definitely ‘new to me’ yarn. It was bought by a friend from Aldi! A few weeks ago I didn’t know Aldi sold yarn – we don’t have one locally and the only one I have ever visited was in Germany. It’s called a DK yarn, but was slightly thicker than the ones I’m used to so I used a 5mm hook. Colours used, shown from centre out:

  • Rose Red
  • Grape
  • Aqua
  • Cornfield
  • Cream

This pattern will work with any yarn – just use the appropriate hook

The outer colour is three rounds of Granny followed by one round of UK trebles. I chose Crab Stitch for the final edging. Do try this stitch if you haven’t already done so. It makes a nice firm edge and it’s fun to work in the opposite direction for a change.

The finished size is approx 40×46 ins – 102x117cm

I enjoyed using the yarn and will certainly seek out more when I can. There are branches of Aldi all around the country, but I gather that yarn is only occasionally stocked.

Let me know if you make something similar. I’m calling it The Salvo Blanket! Can you guess why?

Don’t forget to come back in a couple of days for Five Colour Friday! You could maybe use them to make your own Salvo Blanket!

3 thoughts on “Five more balls – and a review.

  1. Linda

    Such a pretty blanket. Aldi over here sells it very occasionally – you have to keep an eye out on the middle aisle for it but if you don’t buy it on the day, don’t expect to go back on the weekend and find any still there !!
    Take care and stay safe.

    Liked by 1 person

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