Cream is one of my Five a Day

We all know about healthy eating. Berries are supposed to be especially good – and a touch of citrus for flavour never did anyone any harm. So a fruit salad of peach, plum and raspberry served with a lime dressing would be perfect with a dollop of cream?

Maybe not … but I’m talking yarn, of course.

It’s been a while since I made a blanket with Cream as the joining colour, but this week I began a new daily sequence of four colours plus cream. I’m making a square a day using combinations from 18 colours – 5 rounds a day. It’s documented of course AND IT’S HERE IF YOU WANT TO FOLLOW ALONG

I’ll give you the full colour recipe at a later date, it may need tweaking

Today’s square is almost finished and will be up later.

Just to keep it topical – last night was the Eurovision Song Contest! Did you watch it? I had no idea it was still a ‘thing’! I only know because my phone keeps popping up with yet another commentary. I didn’t watch (obviously) and I won’t be reading them either.

(Yes! I’m an old FuddyDuddy!)

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