In a spin!

I’ve almost finished another blanket! This one was not planned, but something I have meant to do for ages.

If you follow along on Instagram I’m sure you will have seen the Spin Your Granny blanket. Kylie of STITCHEDUPCRAFT has written THE PATTERN (this is in UK terms but there are also instructions published for American terms). I bought the pattern ages ago, but just hadn’t got around to trying it. THEN – I saw a CAL (crochet along) announced, and decided to join in.

Based on Five Colour Friday

So, what to use? I already had a few squares waiting for a project. For instance, those above and below.

Cream is one of my Five a Day

But that was too easy! (Clicking on of the above pictures will take you to the appropriate post)

Ends, ends and more ends!

I’ve said before that I don’t mind weaving in the ends. I just like to keep on top of it. There’s nothing worse than trying to get to the centre of a very large blanket to weave in those last few!

It’s also good to know how much yarn is needed for a granny round. Playing Yarn Chicken is all very well, but a bit silly if it’s only a 5 round square. I’ve made a point of sorting oddments of yarn into collections according to size – the smallest (approx 150cm) just perfect for the centre round. As a result I had a box that was overflowing with shortish lengths, suited only to a granny centre but not much more –


Tied together into larger balls, they took up much less space and were just waiting for a project. (THIS IS HOW I TIE MY YARN)

And so it was decided!

Temperature squares

The inspiration partly came from the current Temperature Blanket which illustrates 3 days at a time. The centre square is two rounds of Hayfield Bonus Starling, and the outer round too. (An update on this blanket will come at the beginning of July.)

Useful charts are included in the pattern, but, as it was my first like this, I decided just to ‘go for random’. This blanket will definitely be for me! It also needs a number of half and quarter squares. Don’t be put off by these! Well described and easy. I made them more complicated by adding a different last round which resulted in a plethora of loose ends!

The pattern suggests lying out the completed squares to facilitate the join-as-you-go method very well described, however, I relinquished my studio some time ago, and currently have nowhere to leave squares for more than half an hour or so, as a result I didn’t follow the join-as-you-go method described, but I have a plan for the next one.

The floor is useful for deciding on strips!

Once I had an idea of where each square was to go I left them carefully stacked by my side.

Most of the ends disappeared as I worked along.

The CAL runs for another week. I’m now ready to work on my border.

Those last few ends will soon be gone, If this inspires you to get the pattern, let me know. It’s very well written, and great fun to do. The best bit is that you can personalise it in any way you like!

Have a good week.

6 thoughts on “In a spin!

  1. Linda

    Oooh this post has definitely inspired me. I sort of started it (the CAL) but then life got in the way and it fell by the wayside and when I picked it up again, I changed my mind and frogged what I had done and started on something different. I love how your joining colour has made it all come together. I will definitely be giving this one another chance !!!
    Take care and stay safe. WA has gone into lockdown again – my SIL has told Alan not to come back – he has been there twice and they have gone into lockdown both times !!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Life! We just have to run with it don’t we. Poor Alan! Is he locked in at the moment? How is everyone else?

      The joining colour is Hayfield Bonus in Starling. It’s a sort of oatmeal base, and it’s very slightly thicker than other DKs. There is something about it! It really does make anything look more luxuriant! Odd, but I’m glad I used it for this. Hope to see your spin on the spin when you can xx


  2. Kylie

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my pattern, I really appreciate your kind words and I’m so glad you are enjoying it. I love your version of the blanket, it’s beautiful and original and I can’t wait to see the end result.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are very welcome Kylie. It’s great fun. Still haven’t quite finished the border – I got sidetracked with a request! I’ll get there though. Thank you for commenting xx


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