How to join short lengths.

Short lengths? No mystery – just tie them together.

There are many videos for joining yarns, Russian knot etc, but they all make it sound SO COMPLICATED! This is the method I use. Please read the words as well as look at the pictures.

This shows how to join two shortish lengths of different yarns (these are both DK) to make a longer length.

The end of each length MUST BE LONG ENOUGH TO GO OVER THE OTHER. The ‘OVER’ is very important too.

The ends MUST go OVER the yarn. The knot will definitely not be secure if one end is under itself.

Now just complete a simple knot. I admit it – I do one, pull it tight, (below)


then do the other

Tighten them both individually – ie pull the blue yarn tight then pull the red one tight.

Now pull the two long ends. The knot may slip or roll – that’s good. It should tighten. If it comes undone a) there wasn’t enough overlap or b) one of the short ends went under – not over!

Now all you have to do is trim the ends. I always roll the knot between my fingers to finish it off.

You will soon collect not only a large quantity of ‘ends’ but also an interesting collection of multi coloured yarn balls.

DISCLAIMER. There is no guarantee this knot will be suited to your intended purpose. I use them for blankets I make FOR MYSELF. Please experiment before using for an heirloom etc.