Half gone!

So; June has gone. That’s half the year! In six months time we will not only have celebrated Christmas and New Year – but also my Uncle’s 98th birthday! I was talking to him yesterday about his travels and family. His mind is still very active – and believe it or not he is still working!

June was definitely about Granny Squares. Most were for projects still in progress and some were to be sent away. It was a month of deadlines – and they were met … almost!

I promised an update on the Temperature Blanket for 2021. Above is the last square for June. It shows three days – 28th, 29th and 30th. It completed the sixth strip for this year.

Apologies for the shadow, but that is made by an object too big to be moved! It was completed to this stage on the last day of June, but there is a square missing. The final square should show the colour/s most used, and there wasn’t time to calculate.

It’s now done! This month there were FOUR colours needed! It’s now attached to the strip and all six are safely stored awaiting the remainder.

This year I have also had another little exercise waiting in the wings. It too will go on waiting, but here it is so far.

As each month has progressed I have added a length of each colour to a ‘monthly’ ball. I have a plan for these, but it can’t begin until after December.

Are you making a Temperature Blanket? Tell me about it – or point me in the right direction. Tomorrow I’ll begin the first three days of July .. I wonder what’s in store?

4 thoughts on “Half gone!

  1. Love the idea of making a ball of left over yarns! Makes for a great color combo. I also have 1 sq left for the Afghan I have been making for my son and his girlfriend – they just bought their first place!

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  2. Linda

    I love the idea of a temp blanket but I don’t have the patience to wait all year to get it completed. The emoji blanket that I started at the beginning of the year has two squares released each month and oh my word, I just want it finished !!!!! I know I could just make a blanket with the squares I already have but I don’t like to not finish a project. Although these squares are quite big so (I just had this thought while I was typing this) I think I am going to make two blankets – one for the first half of the year and then save the patterns up and make the squares together for the second half of the year all at once. Half finished projects – even when my brain knows that they will take a year to complete – do not do my mental health any favours.

    Have the best day !!! xox


    1. I’ve made several full blankets Linda – the discipline of daily something goes back many years. However – I have also made monthly ones. I’ll see if I can find a pic and post on Instagram later. We have to accommodate our lifestyle don’t we.


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