Catch-up and another #5ballblanket

Is lack of internet a disaster? Well, we’ve lived through it and survived, so probably not. However, the ‘outage’ obviously also included the phone line, and, as the mobile signal isn’t good at home, that was something of an issue. Thankfully the fault was finally corrected after almost a week, so here are three posts for the price of one!

The month began with a little bit of temperature catchup. It wasn’t arduous, and the three squares above have now become four as the last three days are also complete. The orange square was made to bring the END OF LOCKDOWN BLANKET up to date

More have joined it now, and if you want to follow its progress the photographs above will take you to the daily square blog.

When the Road Map was announced earlier this year I decided to make a square a day to celebrate the end of the ‘trauma’ that has been COVID. The square has changed slightly as restrictions were officially lifted and the next change will be on May17. However, today it was quietly suggested that the Road Map may well turn out to be an unreliable SatNav, so we’ll wait with baited breath to see what happens. I wonder how big the final blanket will be.

In the midst of everything I began another #5ballblanket. This one has a slightly different colour sequence.

Details of this can be found HERE

2 thoughts on “Catch-up and another #5ballblanket

  1. Linda

    Covid (or covis as my MIL calls it for some obscure reason) sure has messed everyone’s life around hasn’t it ? I will be so glad when the pandemic is finally finished – as will I think the rest of the world.
    I love the colours in your 5 ball blanket – they look amazing together.
    Have the best day possible and a wonderful weekend !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. Over soon I hope. However I refuse to be consumed by fear over it, trying to regard it as an irritation! 😉

      Have a good weekend too, Linda, thank you. xx


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