A bit of a mix ..

June is speeding by as fast as the previous months of the year! Do you feel the same? It hasn’t been helped by 4 days of seemingly frantic ‘days off’ for the Jubilee. Television has been full of it, people have been to local events and more. We did manage a meet-up with very good friends. Friday was the chosen day for that and we chatted for many hours, ate good food and relaxed. On Saturday we walked. There was a big procession in town followed by who knows what. We caught the smallest moment at the perfect time.

A County Tractor. SEE HERE FOR A SHORT VIDEO about them – (the outdated presentation style made me smile)

So, what about crochet. Definitely Daily Squares to the fore!

The first six days are complete. This is the first #simplythirtysquares made with variegated yarn. I’m interested to see how it will turn out. Success or not – it will be completed in the usual manner.

Ginger Snap is still progressing too, but I have taken no more photographs. It’s very dull again this morning. There was no ‘golden hour’ today which would have been perfect photo opportunity for several items.

If you follow along on INSTAGRAM you may have seen a few rogue photographs

Over the last while, with a few other people, I’ve been pattern testing a blanket for HANNAH

It’s a big blanket, and each of us was assigned a different quarter to begin with.

I chose some colours I had earmarked for another project, but I was sure that I had enough to finish this whole blanket (it may take a while ..) so the other project can wait. I’m not sure when the pattern will be released, but, judging by the speed of some of the testers, it won’t be long.

This shows my quarter almost finished. It’s done now, but the colours are abysmal in current daylight so this can intrigue you until better light comes along. Note that I even found a use for my marker tags! So useful – removed once it was finished 😉

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