Five Colour Friday

It’s been a while since I published one of these posts, but now seems the ideal time to re-introduce the 5-Colour theme, especially as the first blanket of #crochet6in366 will also be 5-colours.

I’ve really enjoyed making this, and it all came together remarkably quickly because it’s been floating around in my head for several months. I knew I wanted it finished by Christmas, so the timing is perfect.

The granny border has all the colours, and I’ve craftily added another hole or two so that it doesn’t quite lie flat.

You can see it in the above picture taken while the border was still in process. See the tags? I find them so useful as markers – and easy and quick to remove.

The colours I chose are all Stylecraft Special DK – Blush, Camel, Buttermilk, Vintage Peach and Pomegranate, the latter being the main colour.

This is my last blanket finish before Christmas. I’ve really enjoyed making it, especially as it’s for a dear friend who lives very close by.

Now I just need to work out what my requirements are for the next one. I’m amazed that Deramores has begun its end of year sale already, with a very generous discount. I’m wondering just how much I can smuggle into my Christmas Stocking 😉.

Are you joining us for the ‘granny square a day’ during 2020? I had originally planned to publish details once a week, but am now wondering if it would be better to make it once a month? What do you think? I’ll be asking on Instagram too. Information is in the previous posts on this blog.

4 thoughts on “Five Colour Friday

  1. Your blanket above is lovely in those warm colours. I would like to join your granny a day CAL in 2020. Personally, I would rather like to receive details once a week rather than once a month!


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