Pastels anyone?

Thankfully the temperature has risen a few degrees since my last post. It’s been chilly, but bright, with the occasional drop of rain. Unlike other parts of the UK we have had less rain than usual. Maybe we will make up for it in the next while. There is a storm approaching. Stay safe everyone.

Our local church has a Festival of Christmas trees! Many of them were ‘crafty’, but this one took my eye. It’s covered in knitted and crocheted angels. It was really cute and showed a lot of skill with hours of dedicated work involved. Have you crocheted tree decorations this year? It isn’t something for which I’ll have time.

So here it is! The suggestion for an alternative colour selection for the first part of #crochet6in366

I’ve chosen Duck Egg as the main colour, so here is the list. *Please remember that as mentioned in the original post this does not really allow for a border! That will be up to you!

Stylecraft Special DK in:

  • Aspen 1 ball
  • Toy 1 ball
  • Parchment 1 ball
  • Parma violet 1 ball
  • Duck Egg 4 balls*

I think you’ll agree they are quite different! Which will you choose? Maybe you will use your own stash? That’s fine too.

Take advantage of the Deramores sale here

A quick note, though. The main object is to enjoy this challenge for 366 days and to make 366 squares. If you want to join in but do your own ‘thing’ that’s fine too, and if you join us late, well … it’s good to have you along too.

7 thoughts on “Pastels anyone?

    1. I find that Toy and Parma Violet are very useful colours. They blend beautifully with some others, but are a perfect contrast with others. Toy is a reasonably recent introduction, I wonder what they will introduce next? 😉


    2. I made up a trial pastel square. I did find Parma violet in my stash! I thought I might try Buttermilk or Apricot to replace Toy. I rather liked Apricot against the Aspen and it brought in a bit of warmth. I then found that Stone went better than Parchment with the Apricot. I really like Stone. The Aspen stands out a lot against the paler colours. Exciting trial times!

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      1. That’s a good idea. Yes. Stone is one of the good neutral colours. I’m actually using at the moment. I hope to see your lovely blanket as it progresses. Are you on Instagram?


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