And we are off!

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2020.

Are you ready for this Granny Square Adventure? The plan is to make the equivalent of a Granny Square a day, and I’ll be posting updates to encourage and make it easy for you. Requirement details for the first blanket/throw can be found here. Please note that the quantities are scant! You may need more – depending on how you finish your edge.

There are two colour options (or use your own) the first linked above, and the second here.

There is also a dedicated blog which you may want to follow. When you make your squares is up to you – daily, weekly or even monthly. Fit them in around your other projects. The object is to make 366!

The ‘recipe’ for this year-long exercise will be posted here. I hope you will follow along and also show me your squares, either with a link to a blog below, or on Instagram. Don’t forget the hashtag #crochet6in366 I will try to post weekly details, but this may occasionally change to cover holidays etc. This is an important year for us, but more about that another day.

This is an easy week to get you going. The squares are all single colour in your MAIN COLOUR.

We will make 48 squares for this project – each one of 6 rounds. There will later be another of the same size and four more of differing sizes.

I’m joining as I go – a very simple join. More details as we work along but ask if you need them sooner rather than later.

Instructions use the suggested colours as previously mentioned with the Main colours being Magenta OR Duck Egg

Week 1

  • Jan 1 A single colour square in either Magenta OR Duck Egg.
  • Jan 2 Second single colour square in your chosen Main colour. Join to square number 1
  • Jan 3 Third single colour square in your chosen Main colour. Join to the previous squares to form a strip
  • Jan 4 Fourth single colour square in your chosen Main colour. Join to your strip of 3 squares
  • Jan 5 Fifth single colour square in your chosen Main colour. Join as before.
  • Jan 6 Last single colour square for this strip!
  • Jan 7 One more single colour square, the start of Strip Two.
The numbers on the right relate to the colour sequence that will begin next week. Note that the MAIN COLOUR is shown as 5. This is important.

That’s the end for this week! Next week will start to introduce the rest of the colours, and there is a sneaky alternative version too.

See you soon.

7 thoughts on “And we are off!

  1. I’ve chosen my personal colour combination choice. It’s looking very pretty. Maybe you could create a link up party on your blog so that everyone can post and show their work and colour combinations?

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  2. Sandra

    Hello nuvofelt, I thought you would like to see my blanket as it is : 6 x 8 squares. I need to make it bigger to make it useful. I don’t yet know what size I will make it. I’ll just carry on until it looks right. Sandra

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