Day 3

So, how is it going so far? Hopefully 3 easy days, and a few more solid colour squares to go before we start introducing the other colours.

The tag is marking the first square – and the top of the strip. Obviously it doesn’t matter too much if this strip is turned upside down, but it will next week so you will always see a marker at the top of one of my strips. We are working 6 strips of 8 blocks, so by the end of the second week we will already be working on strip 3! If I don’t have a tag hand I just loop a piece of contrasting yarn.

Mabel is lying down on the job after eating too much cream cheese, but she’s guarding square 3 in the other colour way. I think she suits Duck Egg 😉

I had intended to leave this until next week, but as there has already been interest I thought I’d include this email address:

You will need to copy and paste it into your email. Don’t forget that if you would like to share your progress include your picture with a few words making sure to add your name and email in the body of the text. Your email address will NOT be published. I mentioned that I am no longer on Facebook and don’t want to return after previous problems, and people are leaving Ravelry, so this seems the best way for now.

Keep hooking! It only takes 21 days to form a habit! Did you know that?

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Colour is my business and I using a variety of materials. I enjoy enabling other creatives to enjoy their art. Crochet is one of my current means of expression. Some of my blogs are kept as daily records. Take a look and you will see.

9 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. I love Mabel in her little pink cloak! I didn’t realize that we were going to include single colour squares so now I will catch up with those! I had already made four squares with all my colours in the combination!

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      1. Glad there are no crochet police!! I shall look forward to the next update to see the plan! In the meantime, you will have received the photos of my squares!

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  2. I tried to send you an email with a photo of my granny squares, but the link didn’t work above. I can’t see how to write to you via your blog anywhere.


  3. I have my three willow squares done. I started a scrap granny square blanket as well to try to get rid of some of my stash but have sound I need to buy yarn to join !!!! LOL
    I also need to buy some yarn to join my ‘one square a day’ willow squares so better get onto that as well.
    Thank you for a great project for the year.
    Have a great 2020 xox

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