And that is THAT!


A square for every day!

A seemingly random collection of squares began to make sense.

Each blanket was made with someone in mind and gifted as it was completed.

This was fun.

In use from the moment it arrived.

A new baby boy received this one.

In some ways this was the most fun. I made random squares on days when I had very little time. I’ll be making another this year, and you can join me, but more about that another day.

Total squares made was in excess of 365. This last blanket needed to be larger, so 2 or 3 squares were made on some days. I also made other blankets using these and different techniques during the year. I will be repeating the exercise next year, but now that I have an idea of what is involved I will be more organised. Fancy joining me?

If you would like a blanket you can contact me here.

Total of squares made for these blankets/throws = 410

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