What a year!

So! It’s a year! A year of Covid Lockdown. Can you remember a year ago? What was uppermost in your mind? You may not want to read a whole post about this so I’ll tell you that there is a little video further down of a crafty practice that has helped me get through.

Shortages everywhere and shopping was difficult. In our house there was one item that caused more distress than anything else …

…Digestive Biscuits! How was hubby to survive his early morning tea without them? Fortunately our son found stock in a supermarket and all was well.

I think he felt obliged as grandson’s school coat needed a quick repair.

The edges had frayed badly so there wasn’t much to play with, but the end result was passable.

The garden was showing mostly yellow and blue. Theses little bulbs are eagerly awaited each year. They are in flower again now.

The pear blossom was magnificent – seen at its best against a blue sky.

The hyacinths were in flower, but over the last year have multiplied. (See the collage below for this year’s comparison)

The bluebells were also beginning to flower.

They too are in evidence today – to a very small degree!


This year the flowers are all there to a greater or lesser degree. The pear blossom was very difficult to see against a grey sky. It isn’t very far advanced – but can just be seen against its evergreen neighbour.


Amongst other crochet projects the daily routine of a square a day helped tremendously. The picture above will take you to more details of the enterprise. It shows the then current blanket.

But there was also another daily arty habit that helped keep me on track. It’s something I’ve done for years – and it still keeps inspiring me. Take a look at the video below.

If it won’t play for you IT’S HERE ON YOUTUBE

The final picture is somewhat premature – it’s the summer temperature blanket. It’s good to remember warmth on a chilly day.

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