Off the hook – just!

Phew! Thirty squares in twenty-eight days was a bit of a scramble; but I did it!

Aqua Green

I based my colours around THE LAST FIVE COLOUR FRIDAY OF 2021 with the addition of one other colour, and made two squares on a couple of days to make sure all squares were finished.

It was a surprise to hear part way through the month that Deramores was closing its doors but the yarn is still available through LOVRCRAFTS.COM


I posted a few squares on INSTAGRAM but February light changed the colours so much they were few and far between.


It’s always a pleasure to work with jewel colours, but I’m ready for a break in solid colour squares for the next in this series.


As you can see they all had a centre, edging, and subsequent joining, with a dark indigo type blue. This is called BLUE VELVETEEN.


All squares joined into rows as they were finished and then each row added until …

… the last square this morning made it almost complete. The only yarn ends left are the joining ends on two sides. These will be easily incorporated into the first round of edging. So .. by doing little else today – I may get it done! Full quantities etc once it’s completed.

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