Catching up with a catch-up.

Well! February has certainly made itself known here in the UK. Wind, rain, floods and for some – snow too. As I write this more serious floods are expected in parts , but frankly ANY floods are serious.

Thankfully, although the wind was strong and the rain heavy, we managed to escape damage. I hope you did too.

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I PROMISED to give you details of the above. Finally I have consolidated all the info and you can find the colours etc via the image above.

It was fun to make – and I was a little disappointed when it was finished.

My current make is equally colourful

These are just some of the colours. Production stopped yesterday so that I could catch up on the Temperature Blankets.

I had nine days to add. Just small quantities though, so three squares and a few additions to the single square for February.

The high spot of the month so far?

Difficult to photograph but our Camellia has its first flowers! Such a joy. It will soon be covered – until at least May.

I hope you can find some joy to get you through the last few days of winter. SPRING IS NEARLY HERE!!

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5 thoughts on “Catching up with a catch-up.

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  2. Linda

    We are having so much flooding here. It pretty much rained / poured the whole time we were in Adelaide. Our flight home was delayed and then we were in a holding pattern for about 45mins while we waited for a spot to be able to land in Brisbane. Had a few detours on the way home due to roads being flooded. Parts of our driveway are under water as well – haven’t been able to see anything of the property as it’s been too dark. Alan tried to look with a torch but couldn’t see much. I can hear the creek really rushing at the bottom of the yard.
    It will be an interesting morning tomorrow when we wake up.

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      1. Linda

        Everything is OK – our yard is just soooooooooooo water logged – we have found it’s easier to drive around to the little house instead of walking down to see them. The walls that the builder was busy with have come to a standstill but at least the foundations seem to have stayed where they are supposed to be. We had rain the whole of last night but nothing today – now the humidity has set in. I said to Alan I am stuck between complaining about how dry everything was in Adelaide (skin peeling and flaking on my face) and now how humid it is here so I have sweat dripping down every crevice in my body !!! LOL

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      2. That sounds exactly as my complaints would be 🤣🤣. Never fully satisfied 🤔. Really pleased to hear. Hopefully things will soon settle down. Are the old people ok? Tell me on Instagram xxx


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