January is done!

I have really enjoyed making this #simplythirtysquares blanket. In truth it’s more throw sized, however , as the third in this series it will probably always be referred to as a ‘blanket’

In spite of my enjoyment I have to admit to one big frustration.

These squares have rarely been featured on Instagram because I have found them exceedingly difficult to photograph!


The colours in the first photograph are fairly true, and they are better in the sample card below, but I would have liked to share my excitement a little more often.


I used six colours with another for joining. I also added this as the centre of the square for the sake of continuity.

Dusky Lilac

All the colours are Studio DK. Previously available from Deramores it’s now in stock at LOVECRAFTS

French Rouge

It creates a very cosy fabric, you should certainly try it if you haven’t already done so.


Best of all, though, there are colours in the range that you won’t find anywhere else.


My aim for 2022, apart from anything else crochet wise, is to make a blanket each month at the rate of a square a day. The layouts will vary, and, obviously, the colours, but for these there will be NO PURCHASES!

So here is the finished blanket. Refer to the above for better indication of the colours.

There was enough in one ball of yarn of each colour for the squares, but over two of Mist for the joining and border. Tomorrow I start another, loosely based on this Five Colour Friday

Yes! More Studio DK. There is something else in the background that isn’t in this yarn – I’ll share that another day.

Just to round up – that’s four finishes for January, including two from scratch!

Did I tell you about the bottom left? I don’t think I did. Oh well – that’s a post for another day! If you want to try #simplythirtysquares TAKE A LOOK HERE

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