Five Colour Friday

It has been very chilly here at times. Temperatures have been a bit up and down since Christmas – above and below the seasonal average. I’m certainly looking forward to spring and I’m sure you are too.

So, with that in mind I began to delve into my yarn collection (or yarn vocabulary) to find some spring-like colours.

The current Five Colour Fridays have a new home. This one CAN BE FOUND HERE or via the above picture.


The LIST OF 120 DIFFERENT FIVE COLOUR SQUARES is HERE. Print it out to remind you.

If you are looking for the printable list of 720 squares for Six colours find it HERE.

Goodbye to Bluebell Blanket

8 thoughts on “Five Colour Friday

    1. It took me a long time to realise that it isn’t so much the brand as the type of fibre. THEN … I discovered that many yarns are made in the same factory but sold under different labels … To a certain extent we’ve been ‘conned’. Makes you think …


      1. Linda

        When it comes to yarn, I really only use acrylics and some cottons and definitely no indie dyers as I donate everything I make and I can’t afford to pay indie prices to give away 😦 plus I am always weary of buying yarn that I can’t squish. I have been caught a few times buying yarn that I think looks like it will be nice and soft and it has turned out to be quite scratchy. I have some that I have put aside whilst doing my stash inventory because I know I am never going to use it so am going to donate it to anyone who is happy to pay the postage.

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