Don’t blink!

Ten days into February! I must be getting very old because the days seem to be flying by. This is my first post this month – so I’ve already broken my unspoken promise of one a week.

The strip for the Temperature blanket has begun. I’ll admit that this is the only square so far. Further production has been hampered by other occupations. You can follow operations HERE if you want to check out progress. This square will be added shortly, and two more by the weekend.

My main focus has, however, been exhausting, both physically and emotionally. I’m having a clear out! It’s something that has needed doing for months. It isn’t the usual sort of cupboard clearing spring clean. It’s the discarding of precious personal stuff that only a creative person would understand.

Now the time has come to dispose of it. However it can’t go into the rubbish bin, too precious for that, and has to be gone through carefully to find any notes or papers that might be there too – for instance the first draft of my book! Thankfully I have a friend who is not only lending a hand, but also has a destination for those fabrics, threads, beads and more. It’s really a win/win situation but E X H A U S T I N G ! I know that that side of my teaching life is over for good.

So crochet time has been minimal, but I’ve made the most of the evenings. All squares for Alison’s Camellia blanket are now complete and so too is the joining!

It needs a border next. My early project of the day has been the February #simplythirtysquares blankie. It’s on target. This photo is abysmal but it was 5am!

It give absolutely no indication of the true colours which are actually vibrant and attractive!

Apart from the simple squares I don’t expect much crochet until after the weekend now. We have family visiting and I have more rooms to clear. The latter also involves stock of my hand dyed- so if you want some mini-skeins I’ll soon be offering some for sale. I’ve been waiting until I felt up to it! Now is the time!

I hope you have avoided the snow which has visited parts of the country. Today is grey and we have had rain overnight. Enjoy your day wherever you are, stay safe, and get hooking if you can.

2 thoughts on “Don’t blink!

  1. Linda

    It sounds like life is jam packed at the moment. I do hope you have some quiet time to recharge your batteries between visitors and cleaning out.
    I need to get onto the cleaning out – I have three big boxes of ‘stuff’ I have dragged from job to job over the past 22yrs and I need to get ruthless with the paper I am carrying around for no good reason !!!

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    1. This is definitely going to last for the rest of the year. But I’m so pleased it’s going to a new home, even if it is slow.

      How has your week gone? It must all be almost over .. if not already xox


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