Almost there!

We have had a lovely but busy weekend with the family. Not just humans, canines too.

Good food, a long walk. Finally a post-covid get-together. It’s been a long time coming!

Consequently crochet has taken a little backseat, so the Camellia Blanket isn’t quite finished… but oh so nearly! Read on for details.

These colours have worked so well together. I’m hoping it will be delivered to its recipient before the end of the week, it should be finished by Tuesday all being well. However, due to the abnormal number of comments and messages on Instagram I’ve decided to publish (currently slightly incomplete) details early. So that they all stay together you will find them HERE or via the photo above.

There is just part of the edging to finish. One round is underway, but the second is to be finally decided and then the final border.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend wherever you are and whatever you are doing. I’ll update just as soon as all decisions are made – and will let you know they are done.

Happy hooking!

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