Five Colour Friday

If you’ve been following the current #simplythirtysquares project for February you will know that the colours are quite dark. Photographing it has been a nightmare! Nothing has been ‘true, regardless of the time of day or amount of sun. Consequently I needed something to counteract that, especially once the Camellia blanket was finished. So the answer was to begin something for Five Colour Friday and make sure it was LIGHT!

I hope you approve.

Light, but not wishywashy! These are all Stylecraft Special DK, and some are instantly recognisable.

They are gentle on the eye, but strong enough to make a statement in the right setting.

  • Storm Blue
  • Duck Egg
  • Silver
  • Powder Pink
  • Parma Violet.

So, either make them as a repeat as above, or use the Chart here for 120 squares

However! If you feel the need for another colour, or a larger number of squares, I would heartily recommend A Hint of Silver from the same range as an addition, and use THIS LINK FOR A CHART OF 720 variations .

In fact, that’s what I’ll be doing soon, but you will have to wait until it’s gifted before seeing the final result.

Five Colour Friday is a week early this month due to a variety of happenings next week. Back to normal in March. Stay safe everyone. Storm Eunice is on the prowl.

Resurrected February 2022

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