A very quick catch-up

Here we are midway through July!

Here are the squares that represent the temperatures of the first 12 days of July. The next square will be completed later today. Do you agree that the days are speeding by?

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Where next?

A week or so ago I began something new. I’m slowly working my way through a collection of yarn, using it systematically and in order.

Those that follow along on Instagram May have seen some of these pictures before.

It’s fair to say that it began well

But time will tell if it was a success.

I’m not sure how many square I will need, but I’m aiming for 120 to begin with.

That may only be half!

Inspiration comes …

…but it has to find you working!

It’s a slight paraphrase of a quote by Pablo Picasso. I’m not sure that he intended it to be used in relation to crochet – but it’s appropriate for me today.

An ex-student asked me if I still do my daily creative exercise. You may remember that I shared THIS with you a while ago. It included this video

I learnt a long time ago that just doing something sparked the imagination and so I made a habit of 15 minutes before anything else happened in my day. It meant that I ALWAYS got up first – and it became such an important part of my life that a bag of bits travelled with me everywhere – to hotels, cruise ships and more. There’s nothing better than creating while the world is quiet.

So the answer to her question is ‘yes’, but now the ‘early daily’ may also include a little crochet. I find it a good time to, for instance, catch up on yesterday’s temperature square which, this year, is just a couple of lengths.

And sometimes one inspires the other!

The problem with a Temperature Blanket is that size is a bit unpredictable.

This is a full year, and was made in the pattern of the seasons. Winter, Spring, summer and Autumn. It ran from December to end of November and was the first I made. The temperature colours are completely my own.

These seem to be the colours most people decide upon, but eight colours is SO restrictive! As usual I went for EXCESS and us one colour for every degree! It works!

However a large blanket is not always the way to go – so for many years I have made smaller representative blankets which I have called ‘Spirit of …’ These May have represented seasons of months.

Above and below are the same season – but one illustrates the ‘high’ and the other the ‘low’. I’m sure you can guess which is which.

Below represents a single month.

And so does the one below – but interpreted differently.

(I have discovered during this exercise that I am very bad at photographing finished objects! I have far more ‘in progress’ shots than anything else!)

These are just a few ways that you might be inspired. Later this year I thought it would be fun to have a ‘make-along’ along the above lines. However, it will be much easier to do it in ‘retrospect’ rather than day by day. If you’d like to join me I suggest you begin to record your daily temperatures. Gather them from a news broadcast, weather app, or of course there’s always a thermometer! If you need an app suggestion ask in the comments or on Instagram.

We’ll discuss colours another day!