Another week – another sequence. #crochet6in366

I’m pretty certain that there are only about two and a half people reading this post, and probably half of those aren’t reading to the end. It’s often worth reading all the way down. For instance, there was a little announcement in the last post – and nobody read it! Well, this time there is a question below with which you may be able to help, and an incentive at the bottom, so ….

Before we get to the sequence I have a request. Can anyone name this flower? I’ve had a few suggestions on Instagram but they don’t quite fit the bill. It’s very prolific and long-flowering whatever it is.

So, Wednesday in 2020 must mean the next sequence in #crochet6in366 The year is almost over so there won’t be many more of these. I won’t be repeating it next year.

  • November 18: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Bismuth/ 1 round Cream
  • November19: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Iron/ 1 round Cream
  • November 20: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Copper/ 1 round Cream
  • November 21: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Sulphur/ 1 round Cream END OF STRIP TWO
  • November 22: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Krypton/ 1 round Cream START OF STRIP THREE
  • November 23: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Galium/ 1 round Cream
  • November 24: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Titanium/ 1 round Cream

The next sequence will be posted in a week as usual. Strip 3 will be finished then. I would appreciate some feedback because this has actually been a mammoth task to organise a daily sequence that works. Read on for a useful link.

I have yet to make today’s square, if I remember I’ll add it here later today. (Added below)

Today’s square

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