Colour in isolation

Well. What fun we are having. I hope this post finds you in good health. There are so many reports and rumours flying round it’s difficult to keep abreast of everything. The #crochet6in366 schedule was posted earlier but I wanted to keep this post separate.

You know how much I love colour! I tell you constantly, and those of you that have been to my workshops in any medium will also have heard it time and time again. Once you abandon the ‘safe’ rules there are so many options and results. You may think that some work and that others don’t, but the one thing about this subject that never ceases to amaze me is – if YOU don’t like it – SOMEONE will!

I’m sure you’ve noticed the current trend for scrap blankets. It involves short lengths tied together with special knots. Some of them are really quite attractive, but I have to admit that knotting yarn really goes against the grain. There are several videos recommending different knots on YouTube, some by well known bloggers. I’m not linking to any for reasons you will understand if you read on.

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Week 12 #crochet6in366

There is a second post today which is not associated with this challenge. You can find it here.

Above is a reminder of the yarn numbers. Below is the schedule for this week. Another strip is finished and number 5 begun. That means that by the end of the week we will be over halfway through this blanket.

  • March 18: 3/1/4/6/6/6
  • March 19: 4/5/3/6/6/6
  • March 20: 2/4/1/6/6/6 Strip 4 ends
  • March 21: 1/4/3/6/6/6 Strip 5 begins
  • March 22: 4/5/1/6/6/6
  • March 23: 2/2/2/6/6/6
  • March 24: 1/3/5/6/6/6