Just using my vocabulary!

It’s finished. The first square was made, tentatively, on January 2 and finished yesterday morning before breakfast. There were 8 ‘joining’ ends to weave in, but I was just too tired the night before.

There really is something very satisfying about making something without having to buy yarn. A while ago I made this blanket


I really liked it, so indulged in other colour ways that I thought would work. This new blankie is made using the same type of yarn, combined with another.

SPLASH is a KING COLE yarn that comes in really pretty combinations. Above you can see Apricot on the left and Silver Fox on the right. I didn’t have a suitable King Cole single colour yarn to hand, but discovered that Stylecraft Special DK in Toy was a perfect match.

I had no real plan as I began, but it’s always good to be able to judge how far a yarn should go. To that end I began to make 4 round Granny Squares until one ball of Splash was used up. There was enough yarn for 21 squares. Exercise repeated with the other ball of Splash which gave a total of 42. Enough for a 7×6 blanket.

Four round squares are not very large, so a further two rounds were needed, and that’s where Toy came into play.

In total I used 100g each of SPLASH, and 260g of Toy.

The border is not large, but I had a 60g scrap ball of Toy that was just perfect over and above the two full balls. I bought the yarn from THE KNITTING NETWORK , a company that impressed me more and more each time I use them. The pictures above and below will take you directly to their site – and you will get 10% off your order if you sign up for their NEWSLETTER

Now to wash and it will be ready to go and I can begin more squares for the Friendship Blanket.

3 thoughts on “Just using my vocabulary!

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  2. Linda

    That is such a beautiful blanket. I love the colours and how you have made them work together. Thanks for the yarn and company recommendation – it’s always good to find out about other reliable suppliers – not that I use overseas suppliers much but it’s good to have recommendations for when I do.
    Take care and stay safe xox

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    1. Thank you for always being so encouraging Linda. I think you could probably source the yarn closer to home, and I think you will like the colour range. I will certainly be using more, but first I have something else to finish and the Friendship Blanket too. xox


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