An apple a day …

Yes, I do eat at least one apple a day, but not usually this variety. There was no choice at my last shopping trip, so for the past few days one has been added each morning to my overnight oats.

However, I’ve noticed something with this particular batch that I have not noticed before!

Each apple contains 5 or 6 germinating seeds!

The packaging informs me that they have come all the way from the Netherlands, I’m guessing it was a slow journey!

These are apples from our own tree. It’s over 100 years old, but sadly they aren’t suitable for overnight oats. They do, however, freeze well, so we have a ‘hidden’ stock for the winter.

The colours reminded me of the Apples and Pairs Blanket.

Details of Apples and Pairs are via THIS LINK or the pictures.

Click the picture to buy for any phone.

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