Is it Friday?

For some reason, since all the lockdowns etc, Fridays don’t seem to happen in this house. I know when it’s Monday through to Thursday, but somehow the next day seems like Saturday! Why?

It happened again today. I sent a friend a ‘safe journey’ message. I know her journey won’t be without a little frustration and was somewhat surprised to receive a ‘We travel tomorrow’ as a reply!

Of course they do. I KNOW they travel on Saturday… 🤔

So if it’s Friday and the last day of the month there must be a few things to share – crochet-wise. Let’s get going!

Firstly it’s fair to say I’ve been playing a little catch-up.

The yarn has been waiting patiently for me to make a few more squares for the Temperature Blanket. These squares are so quick to make I wasn’t in the least phased by everything coming to a halt on this front towards the end of April. I knew it wouldn’t take long. I’m now part way through the current month. It doesn’t take any great concentration.

You may remember that I’m working on two versions this year. It will be clearer when June is done.

It’s been a hard month health wise. So my plans for Five Colour Friday have been a little derailed in as much as nothing yet finished, but that isn’t without good intentions!

I made a start …

So at some point there will be something to see.

Stylecraft Special DK

Summer colours. This is a definite stash buster for me.

Don’t forget the 120 squares trick!

Lastly. #simplythirtysquares.

This could have been a separate post, but the penultimate strip finished this morning.

I’m using a King Cole yarn again. More details next week.

Have a good weekend everyone. Circumstances have caused me to stay away from Instagram this week – very little time online. However I’m sure I’ll show you some bits there soon, so stay tuned!

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