Done and dusted

I have just finished a blankie made with a really lovely yarn! I wish it was sold locally!

I always trust yarns by James C Brett. I haven’t been let down once. This yarn was new to me, and o think it’s a fairly recent addition to their range.

It’s interesting looking at layouts for blankets with 30 squares. There are many. A new yarn can be a challenge. Yardages differ from brand to brand, and colours aren’t always as they appear on the internet. I had 6 balls so needed a layout that would use equal quantities.

Ten squares of each colour and two rounds of each for the border

I’m pleased with the result. I finished it yesterday evening and the following photo was taken at daybreak! It used approximately 170g of each colour

I will probably use this layout, and a couple of variations, in the future but not this month!

The September Thirty square blanket travelled to Wales and back with us. The October effort will be more sedentary! This one is being made with Stylecraft Special DK – an old faithful, but in contrast to the above one ball is very badly manufactured! You never can tell …

120 squares?

720 squares?

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