Autumn has arrived!

The seasons change..!

Below it’s so easy to see the transition. August is on the right, and September, so far, on the left.

Apart from the single squares shown above the squares for three days at a time are also continuing

Hot off the hook – and not yet edged – the last three days are almost ready to be added the strip. The above took 3 days to complete retrospectively. Other commitments meant I couldn’t start it sooner but it’s a quick and simple recipe to catch up providing the details are listed regularly. You can see my current list in the background below.

I have also decided on another 100 square project. It’s still temperature related.

It will be the daily temperatures for autumn. 100 squares will do just nicely. Day 21 is the start of the next strip.

Yes! There is something else in the WIP pile, a glimpse is below, but no explanation except to say that it is also temperature related, but not the current month.

It will be a long term project I think but the recipient knows it’s in progress so there may be a little ‘nagging’ 😉

Simply thirty squares is also on target! The squares will be completed on time but the border may be late.

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