Looking back to August.

August seems a very long time ago, and this unfinished post had been floundering in draft for almost all of that time. I certainly didn’t expect so much to have changed by the time it was finally published. We now have a King, and long queues of people waiting to pay their respects to the Late Queen.

We travel very little now but happened to be in Cardiff when the news was announced.

There were references and tributes in various forms all around the city, and at The Castle the Proclamation was made, followed by a Gun Salute.

Flags were at half mast, and this must have been the same around the country.

The weather is certainly cooling down. Cardigans are certainly needed at the beginning and end of each day, and sometimes in the middle too. August was a warm month – as you can see in this temperature square.

As before I made a single square and a strip

There will be two blankets for 2022.

However, there is also a special blanket just for August.

This August was a special birthday for me. I decided I wanted to commemorate it with something to help me remember the month. So, each day I made a single square using the temperature colours of the day, and joined them in strips of 5 days.

Of course there were actually 31 days in August so a slight adjustment was needed for the last square.

Two days of low and highs made a different square with similar message.

All squares were finished on time, and the border begun. It features the average low and high for the month but events overtook me and the final edging was still incomplete. Just before last weekend we travelled to visit our daughter. It went with us, and, one evening, in less than an hour it was complete.

We weren’t able to celebrate my birthday, but this will be a happy reminder. The rose pictured above was a gift – and will hopefully flower again next year.

6 thoughts on “Looking back to August.

  1. Linda

    A belated Happy Birthday Myfawny !!!! I love your blanket – it is very colourful and (I feel) perfect for you.
    Sadly it is warming up down here – I so don’t like the heat !!!! And, when it is this hot in Aug/Sep, it never bodes well for what the temps will be Dec-Feb.
    Have a lovely weekend and take care xox

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    1. Thank you Linda. It had to be colourful for me did it! 😂. Sorry about the heat. It’s just about right for me at the moment. Not too hot, not too cold. I hope it stays bearable for you
      I’ll be reporting in to Vero shortly. Not much internet while I was away so I stayed quiet. Hope you can have a relaxing weekend xox


  2. What a beautiful blanket! And I really love the “odd” square it’s almost like a key? I can’t fathom the right word but it’s like the magic thing you’re looking for and it brings everything together despite seeming so different. I love it. Also beautiful rose! I look forward to seeing it in flower next year 🥰 Xx

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