Friendship Blanket Begins

A New Year!

As we start I am wishing each and every one of you the best year possible. Last year is best forgotten for so many reasons, but I hope that joining with me this year will give you some pleasure, and that you will even make some new friends, albeit on the Internet.

If you have followed along you will have seen the square I’ve chosen for my (first) Friendship Blanket. It is a very simple variation of a traditional Granny Square. I chose it to denote my desire to put a ‘spike’ in Covid but also to virtually pin together my Internet friends! Below are some hints – and further below are links to a couple of videos in case you too would like to use this square.

I have decided on a two round centre in a single colour.

1 UK treble

The third round begins in the conventional way.

Note the top of the middle lower treble.

The variation only occurs in the ‘spaces’

Work into the lower treble FROM FRONT TO BACK not as shown above!

It’s quite easy to split the yarn, pull it too tightly, and to work from the wrong side of the stitch.

Continue to complete the treble loosely.

Having said that it’s really a very simple variation and you will soon get into a rhythm.

Don’t pull the yarn tight to make the ling spike.
Finish the block with another treble made directly into the space.
Finish the round with more Spike clusters.

My third and fourth rounds will also be in a single but different colour followed by a single round of joining colour.

The instructions above are only cursory. Bella Coco has a video HERE , however it is illustrated with a chain start. It’s purely personal preference but I don’t like the hole that is made with this method. I prefer to start with a magic ring.

A variation on this pattern is shown HERE This may be more suited to your finished block.

Please choose ANY square you wish. IT IS YOUR BLANKET.

So! How does this become a Friendship Blanket?

By asking Friends for help!

Once a week or so I will be asking someone to make a choice. In the meantime I’ll be making squares, one a day or more as the inspiration strikes, according to my current colour scheme.

As I’m using scraps from my stash I’ll be adding and subtracting colours from time to time. It may sound complicated, but will be quite easy to follow once we get started.

Take a look HERE to see the steps. I hope you will join in. I have used similar techniques in class sessions. If you are brave you will learn new things about colour and make new friends.

6 thoughts on “Friendship Blanket Begins

  1. Linda

    I am going to pull out some of my stash tomorrow and see what I can come up with. I may need to use more than 6 colours because I will use the stash that Sue @byhookandsticks sent me. It’s a great idea and then I can pass it on to someone in need. Thank you for the prompts xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Linda, I’ll be using far more than 6 colours, but plan to introduce them slowly to retain a certain amount of control. If one goes it can alway come back at a later date. 😊


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