Moving friends along

It’s border time!

It may only be a lap blanket, but I’ve loved every stitch. The colours for each block have been chosen by a friend, both real and virtual. Some friends chose more colours than I originally intended and others only chose a single colour. The layout took a little jiggery pokery – but it’s worked. Now I’m moving on to the border and beginning a second one.

Parma Violet, Duck Egg, Clematis, Sherbet, Wisteria, and Pistachio

I’ve chosen softer colours this time. The first are above, but I will add a couple more next week. Please feel free to choose one or two. Each square will either be a single colour or two for this creation, if 4 are chosen they will be broken down into 2 and 2 etc. The colours are above.

I’m staying with Spike Stitch Squares.

The first few are done.

Want to join in? Having the interaction between readers, followers and friends has been really fun. Friendship Blanket Begins has the information you need, with links to other details.

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