Friendship blanket

We are back online! It happened shortly after yesterday’s post was published. However, as I had to swap between tablet and phone I discovered that not all of the post uploaded. It should all be functioning now, so maybe you will take a quick glimpse to see if you arrived before or after the full upload. You can read it here.

The countdown has begun! The #friendshipblanket #makealong begins in just 5 days! My fingers are itching and I’m having trouble stopping myself from making my first square. I’ve made my choice (actually from yesterday’s post). Have you? Still trying to decide? Read on.

This blanket can be as large or small as you wish, so that may influence the size of each of the squares. You too will have (almost) complete control of the colour order. The squares can be a single colour or several.

Do you want a particular joining colour? If so – are you going to play safe with a neutral:

Or be bold?

I have to say that a coloured joining round can make a very satisfying and dramatic blanket.

And if you are cautious, but want a multicoloured blanket, you can’t go far wrong with Turquoise for a joyous result.

I will also remind you of this yarn – ‘Starling’ I wrote about it here. I don’t want to encourage you to buy more yarn, but it’s only fair to tell you that DERAMORES currently have some excellent end of the year deals.

So that brings us just about to the end of this post. There are only a very few squares left for the last blanket of #crochet6in366 Here is today’s square

It has certainly helped 2020 pass in spite of lockdowns and more.

Did you read all of yesterday’s post? Don’t forget to Read it here.

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