Friends – gather round!

When I first thought about a Friendship Blanket I had visions of small packages travelling around the world with precious little balls of yarn to be added to blankets. Gifts from overseas or other parts of the country that could be included in beautiful blankets being made wherever you are!

And then came COVID-19!

So, sadly, at the time of writing, I don’t think this is a feasible proposition, but something to bear in mind for the future. Consequently I’ve come up with another plan that I hope you will find fun in its own way.

Read on for more details.

January is always a good time to start a new project, but it’s also a good time to commit to something that is completely unworkable! That is not the object here. This is intended to be a happy project. The size etc is your decision, so open to change as you desire.

First, let’s talk Squares,

It will come as no shock to announce that I’ll be making at least one blanket in squares! I will probably settle for 3 or 4 round squares of some description – depending on the anticipated finished size. This can be decided later.

As for which square, though, I’m still making up my mind. I rather fancy a ‘solid’ granny.

However the above makes an interesting surface effect and is worth considering but …

… I also remember making squares using a heart square for a similar project a while ago (This was a group project making a blanket for a friend who was terminally ill).

Click to go to the website

I don’t have photos of that finished blanket, but each row included a square made using the above pattern I know others have introduced similar results recently but it only seems fair to acknowledge my original resource. The picture will click you through to the instructions.

I had planned on a longer post, but our internet is down. Engineers are working on it, but we may have to wait for a few days before it is fully operational. I’m hoping this will publish, thankfully Thursday’s post was scheduled the night before.

In the meantime – keep sorting those odd balls. If we are properly up and running, Internet wise, there will be a more detailed post tomorrow.

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