Catching up

Well, we survived the heat, but how have you fared with the rain? No floods here, but around the country family members have experienced ‘puddles’ of various depths. It’s been scary. Stay safe wherever you are.

I have another short video for you this week with more details below. The video will give you much more clarity of detail, but the words contain explanation and after-thoughts

If it doesn’t run from above you can find it here.

My last post mentioned Marble by James C Brett. I resisted the temptation to mix colours and just used the original colour way. It’s finished with a couple of rounds of ‘granny’ followed by a sort of scallops. This really shows the various colours and shades within the yarn. I’m really pleased with it and can highly recommend it.

So now I’ve moved on to the next colour-way of Marble. It’s the dark navy with splashes of colour. You really need to see the texture of this as it develops, I’m delighted! I’ve talked about it in the video and you can see the texture and colours really well.

The above is a C2C, and so is the next. This one a reminder of all the blankets made so far this year. Each colour used in a blanket so far this year is represented here. Most yarns are Stylecraft Special DK. Can you spot the exception? There’ll be more updates as the year progresses – it too is featured in the video. (The eagle-eyed among you will notice that I’ve added a little since making the video yesterday. It really is a work in progress.)


The Brexit Blanket! Do you remember that I put it on the shelf when we didn’t Brexit? Well, it looks as though something is happening again, and once more the deadline is looming. I’ve had a few thoughts about this crochet ‘mess’, so watch this space!

The garden has survived the heat too. There are splashes of colour everywhere, and some combinations are crying out to be translated into a blanket. Maybe these will be next?

All the yarns were brought from Deramores, and if you are really quick you will find an amazing discount.

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