it’s an illusion!

It’s a little cooler today, so I’m hoping to do a little more crochet than over the past few days. I’ve definitely been confined to just making a couple of square! So, to celebrate I’m trying out a new – to me – yarn.

Misty by James C Brett

This colour way is a light blue with hints of grey flecks, it comes in 8 shades altogether, the flecks bring more apparent in some. I have really enjoyed using other James C Brett yarns, so I thought I’d give this a go.

Centre Stylecraft Special DK, outer James C Brett Misty

It felt slightly thicker than the Stylecraft Special DK that I’ve been using recently so that’s what I used in my ‘test’.

Top square uses Stylecraft Special DK in both rounds. Lower square as in previous picture

Does the bottom square above seem bigger to you?

Two squares layered together

Well! It must be an illusion caused by the lighter colour. They are identical in size!

Experiment complete. Now on with the task in hand.

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