Way back in September 2015 I began this blanket. It took almost a month to complete, and cheered up the days, some of which were quite gloomy and grey. In view of the weather forecast maybe I should start another!

It was made for someone who loves Sunflowers, and inspired by the then recent sight of a field of the stunning sunlit flowers – a rich combination of yellows with orange.

The colours may seem random but were carefully planned.

I used 13 colours in all. There are now more yellows, greens and oranges in the Stylecraft Special DK range, so maybe I would include or substitute some of those if I made it again, but the result is well loved.

It was edged with a couple of rounds before the final border.

If you would like more details there is a DOWNLOADABLE PDF – CLICK HERE for Sunflower Throw PDF

This was the first Corner to Corner Blanket I made. I was recommended the tutorial by THE CROCHET CROWD and I pass that on to you. There are many other videos out there now, but what I really like about the Crochet Crowd videos is that they often have separate instructions for both right and left-handers.

I’m revisiting some old posts as I tidy up the blog a bit. Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see.

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